Release Notes – 19th June 2018

Release Date:  Tuesday 19 June 2018  5:00 a.m. : downtime approx 30 mins

Changes in this release (Tradevine)

Trade Me – OPEN Listing Count

If you use multi-variant-listings, it was difficult to know how many open listings you had that counted towards your listing cap or plan limit (as a whole MVL group only counts as 1 “listing”). We’ve made this easier by showing you on the dashboard and plan page how many individual Trade Me listings you have as well as how many are counting towards your cap:

The active listing count is the number of listings on Trade Me, where each variant is counted individually.

The number of listings that contribute towards your cap (Trade Me listing cap or Tradevine plan cap) is the number of active listings, but all listings in the same listing group are counted as a single listing. The more multi-variant listings you make, the greater the difference between this number and the active listing count.


We have added the following fields:
Pack List: ExternalClientData – a 500 character string field for API consumers to store any data they wish relevant to client applications e.g. JSON fragment.
Sales Order: ExternalClientData – (as above)


Changes in this release (My Products)


We had an intermittent issue which required some users to have to click Save twice in order to save their product. We’ve introduced a fix which should make this less likely to happen.

Trade Me – PING

In My Products, we have replaced the Pay Now branding with Ping which is our new payments platform.

Release Notes – 16 Aug 2017

Release Date:  Wednesday 16 August 2017  4:00 a.m. : downtime approx 30 mins

New features in this release

Trade Me – maximum 1 listing per product rule

You can now only make a maximum of one listing for each listing rule.

Trade Me – multi-variant products

We have made more improvements for editing and maintaining multi-variant products.

Importing product changes

There are no changes to importing in this release.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. Occasionally sales orders were being voided in Xero when auto-combining some sales orders. We have rectified the timing issue.


Release Notes – 16 May 2016

Release Date:  Monday 16 May 2016  4:00am : downtime approx 10mins

New features in this release

Product photos – sales and shipments grids

We have added a product details button to the sales orders grid and the shipments grid. This allows you to quickly preview the products on the sales order or the shipment without having to open them.

Pro forma invoices

You can now print or email pro forma invoices. This is available when you view an unpaid sales order.

Combining paid sales orders

When combining multiple paid awaiting shipment sales orders, the paid status is now retained.

BoMs – auto-calculated weights option

We now provide an option to auto-calculate the weight of the BoM kit using the weight of the components.

Importing product changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes.


  • BoM Weight Calculated From Component – (General)

Retiring Old Plans

Back in May we introduced a range of new pricing plans to offer our members more choice and flexibility.

At the same time we stopped offering the old plans to new members, however existing members could elect to switch to a new plan or remain on their current one.

From September 2 we will be retiring the old plans.

How does this affect you?

If you are currently subscribed to the Free or Standard plan you will need to select a new plan on, or before, September 2.

Choose a plan that works best for you.

Any questions or suggestions around the new pricing plans, please flick us an email at