Release Notes – Feb/March 2024 Round-Up

Here is the round-up for February and March:

  • Tradevine: Fixed a webhook locking issue.
  • Tradevine: Addressed some Shopify rate limiting issues.
  • Tradevine: Addressed the “unsupported Shopify API calls” issue.
  • Tradevine: Fixed an issue where listings not being picked up for listing due to incorrect listing cap calculation.
  • Tradevine: Various security improvements for PCI compliance.
  • Tradevine: Fix cookie handling bug on Packlists

Note: other improvements may have also been made during this time, which may span outside of Tradevine/MyProducts/NGF, or relate to internal processes, build-deploy pipelines, security, or non-production systems, but we don’t show them in detail here. We only list what directly affects Tradevine/MyProducts/NGF customers.