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We are super excited about the release of our new video. It tells the story about how Tradevine helps our customers transform their businesses.

With its multiple sales channels and integrated inventory management, Tradevine is revolutionising the way retailers sell online.

Imagine what Tradevine could do for your business.

Release Notes – 7 March 2012

Recent Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: 7 March 2012

Improved Universal Searching Capability

The universal search at the top of every screen has been extended to include searching on the Trade Me name.

Removing Mandatory Printing

Remove mandatory printing of shipping documents when confirming a shipment.

Listings Filter

Modified filter to add Product Code and change Product name from being live search. This means you can now do wildcard searches in the listings e.g %Br%.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the Inventory Reports, a couple of the columns were displaying zeros.
  2. Fast Shipping now ‘persists’ the selected email options.
  3. Placing Auto-Feedback on FPO’s is now working correctly in all cases.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are working hard on our Webstore functionality and are still planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line at