Trade Me Labs Go Live

Well done to the Trade Me Labs team on the launch of their new playground.  The purpose of the site is to “…showcases cool projects that the Trade Me technology team, our industry heroes and a plucky bunch of API consumers have sunk their hard work into.”

We are also please to note that our own pet project, Tradevine, gets a mention. We currently working with a number of Top Sellers, finalising and tweaking and generally getting the software ready to be unveiled in a couple of months.



Welcome to Tradevine

Hi, welcome to Tradevine.

Tradevine is a new back-office system to help you manage your business, especially your on-line sales.  Initially we are focused on managing Trade Me sales, but over time this will expand to include other sales channels.

Right now we are in closed beta.  This means we are thoroughly testing the system with some brave traders, ironing out the last few creases, making sure all is good before we make it available to all.  We hope to do so in the very near future.

I’ll be posting regularly on this blog, updating you on what is happening in the Tradevine world, giving you tips and points and generally helping you to get the best out of the software.