David Tua for a Day – Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust

We had a great day with champion boxer David Tua here in Christchurch on the 26th October. David had placed his services for auction on Trade Me in order to raise money for the Breast Cancer Cure Research Trust.

David’s mother was a survivor of breast cancer and it is a cause very close to his heart. It is also a cause close to mine. On Christmas Day 2010 we lost a close friend to breast cancer and it was a very sad and difficult time for all involved and especially so for her young children. It was quite simply, heartbreaking.

When I saw the auction for David on Trade Me, I decided that here was a perfect way to make a contribution to this worthy cause and bring David to Christchurch for a day for a tour around schools in the district that had been worst affected by the earthquakes.

We went to three primary schools including Freeville School in Brighton and Aranui Primary School. David is a natural in this environment and is so great with the kids. It was fabulous so see him brighten up the room and the reactions and smiles of the children.

We purchased boxing gloves that David signed and handed out to selected children, many of whom have had to contend with very difficult circumstances in their own lives over the past few months. Case in point, I met 3 children in our travels that had recently lost a parent and we made sure these kids got a special pair of gloves. Perhaps it is only a small gift but we sure knew it made a difference for those kids on that day.

We’d like to thank the schools involved and the many parents present at the assemblies lending their support yet I personally want to thank David here for bringing laughter and happiness to so many children!

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Peter Montgomery

CEO Tradevine


David Tua and Peter Montgomery

David Tua with the Tradevine Team