Dymo printer problems with Chrome 42

Having issues with your Dymo printer?

Google updated Chrome and it caused a small problem with it talking to your Dymo printer.

To fix this follow the steps below…

* With version 42 of Chrome, Google now disables NPAPI which is required to run the Dymo plugin. However, you can manually enable it by typing the following into the Chrome address bar and adjusting the setting:


Click enable, then relaunch now (at the bottom of the page).

* Enabling NPAPI may not be enough. In some instances, you may have to uninstall and re-install the DLS software for the plugin to appear in the plugin list: chrome://plugins/

You can read more at the Dymo page.

Getting Started – Are you a big seller?

Do you have more than 1500 active listings and want to start listing with Tradevine?

We are really keen for all of our users to get up and running in Tradevine as quickly and simply as possible.  We think we have made a pretty good wizard to take you through the minimum steps.

However there is limit on the number of calls we can make with the Trade Me API (the way we ‘talk’ to Trade Me).  This means that if you have more than 1500 active listings you could run into problems. We have a number of options to work around this restriction, choosing the right one depends on your situation.  So drop us an email service@tradevine.com and we’ll work with you to set-up Tradevine.

Getting Started – Outstanding Fixed Price Offers

When you first start using Tradevine it is important to keep in mind that it does not recognise listings that it has not created.

There is a function called Import Active Listings which will import all active Trade Me listings. However outstanding Fixed Price Offers will not be imported as these listings are considered closed by Trade Me.

It is important to be aware that in the first few days these Fixed Price Offers cannot be registered in Tradevine.  At the most it will be 7 days depending on if you chose the 1, 3 or 7 days offer period.

When an outstanding Fixed Price Offer is accepted by your customer, the sales orders will not be created automatically in Tradevine. You will need to create these orders manually for up to 7 days i.e. until the last outstanding Fixed Price Offer expires. Any Fixed Price Offer made after you start using Tradevine will be handled automatically and sales orders will be created as normal.

Our techies are working on how to handle these outstanding Fixed Priced Offers and we hope to have this little hole plugged within a week or two.

Additional tip: read How do I start using Tradevine? for more information about the steps that need to be completed before you start using Tradevine. Most of these you have completed during the Setup Wizard, but if you haven’t it’s important to make sure you’ve covered these points.

If you have any questions please email us at suggestions@tradevine.co.nz.