Release Notes – Wed 1 July 2020

Release Date:  Wednesday 1 July 2020  5:00 a.m. : downtime approx 25 mins

New features in this release


It is now possible to assign roles to your users.

You can now create your own Roles and assign various levels of permissions to the different parts of Tradevine. This includes a permission for hiding your cost pricing. Just remember to unassign the user from the Administrator role.

It also comes with a Preview screen so you can see what areas the user will have access to.


We have added the following new reports:

  • Sales Order export

An In Stock Only option has also been added to the Inventory Summary report.


You can now assign a default warehouse to automatically appear as your first choice each time you create new purchase orders.

Trade Me – Shipping Templates

It is now possible to delete a shipping template.

A friendly prompt has also been added to remind you that changing a template will affect other products which share the same template.

Trade Me – Icon Badge

The icon badge displayed in Trade Me on the likes of the Sold and Unsold tabs etc now displays TV (Tradevine) for Tradevine users, instead of MP (My Products).

Importing Product Changes

There are no importing changes in this release.

BUG fixes

  • You can now get to the No Photos tab when searching to see where your product photos are used on the Photos screen.
  • A concurrency error was sometimes encountered when bulk printing pick lists.
  • An error would occur when importing contacts from Xero when the currency was unknown.
  • Sometimes a Trade Me shipping template would persist after opting for a different shipping option.