100 000 Trade Me listings and $2 million of sales processed by Tradevine!

Over the weekend, Tradevine achieved 2 significant milestones on behalf of our users:

  • the 100 000th Trade Me listing
  • $2 million worth of sales orders

We are really pleased with this continuing validation of our service and it is great progress considering we only released the Tradevine application a few months ago.

We’d like to really thank our Users for their valuable contributions and feedback to date. It’s great working with you all and we’ll continue to roll out new features and enhancements based on your requirements.

Xero Maintenance Sunday 13th May @ 4am

On Sunday 13th May Xero will be performing system maintenance.  It is scheduled to start at 4am and last up to 2 hours.  You can read more  on the Xero site here.


If your Tradevine account is linked to Xero this may mean that there are delays in processing invoices during this time.  Once the Xero update is complete Tradevine will automatically process the delayed invoices.


If you have any more questions please call us on 0800 990 990.

Starship – Staff CharityMob

We all have community responsibility such as preserving the environment and supporting community causes.

So we, the staff at Tradevine have got together and raised $500 for Starship Children’s Health. We wanted to help ensure that Starship remains a world class medical facility for all of New Zealand’s children by supporting their current initiatives.

Starship is a fabulous cause so we approached our CEO to see if our company would match our donation. Our company has agreed to not only match our staff contribution but to potentially double it!

Here is where you come in… 

To help us raise another $1000 for Starship simply ‘like’ our facebook page and for every like we get (up to 500) our company has agreed to donate $2.00.

With a simple click below you can help us raise another $1000 for Starship! Spread the word!   

From the Team at Tradevine

Evan, Nigel, Jeff, Alan, Phil1,  Dean, Sandy, Vicky, Chris, Phil2

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Revised Trade Me Pay Now Fees

With effect from today Trade Me have changed the Pay Now commission rate for Top Sellers.

Previously the amount was 0.95%, the revised rate is 1.65%.

If you use Tradevine and Xero It is important to change the setting in Tradevine to reflect the new amount.

Go to ‘Settings -> Selling Channels’ and select your Trade Me selling channel.  Then open the ‘Payment and Shipping’ section and adjust the Pay Now commission field.

If you have any questions then please contact service@tradevine.co.nz or call us on 0800 990 990

Tradevine to present at Trade Me Top Seller Conference 22nd May 2012

We’re pleased to be presenting at this year’s Top Seller conference at the Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland on the 22nd May. There is a must see key note address by Trade Me Chairman David Kirk followed by a number of other speakers including our fulfilment partner, Brightstar NZ (represented by Haymon Keeler). Our slot kicks off at 1.45pm. Come and see us at the conference and receive a special promotional offer from New Zealand Post when you sign up and use Tradevine. We’re really excited to be part of this conference and look forward to meeting big sellers and sharing our story.

More information on the conference can be found here.

We want to hear from you.

We’ve learned that some of the best insights into Tradevine comes from our customers, those who use it every day. So we thought it’d be a great idea to provide an easy way for you to let us know what you’d like to see.

So we’ve created a forum which allows you to submit and vote on new feature suggestions, and recommendations for the system. The more ideas we get the better, so please take a moment to check it out. Your ideas will make Tradevine better!

You can log or vote for your ideas here.


Tradevine and You – Revolutionising your Business

We are super excited about the release of our new video. It tells the story about how Tradevine helps our customers transform their businesses.

With its multiple sales channels and integrated inventory management, Tradevine is revolutionising the way retailers sell online.

Imagine what Tradevine could do for your business, call us now on 0800 990 990 to find out more.

Tradevine & Xero in the field… Literally!

When it comes to retailing, we want our customers to be able to sell anything, any time, anywhere.  And so for Craig Love, owner of Easy Gardener, Tradevine combined with Xero is a perfect fit.

Craig sells great quality log splitters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, generators etc, on Trade Me, on-line and at A&P shows. So he needed a business solution that works literally everywhere.

Craig was at the recent Southern Field Days, in Waimumu, with his trusty iPad and 3G dongle.  With real-time access to Tradevine and Xero he had access to up to date inventory, all his financials and could process new sales whilst face-to-face with the customer. He could also keep an eye on his Trade Me listings, his bank account and see what was happening back at base in Blenheim.  Being out of the ‘office’ has never been this easy.

By using Tradevine, Craig, can manage his entire business – his sales, purchases, inventory, Trade Me listings,webstore,  feedback and questions, and coupled with Xero his accounting. Simple and easy.

Craig’s recent testimonial says it all…

Time is the most valued asset in my business. Working for myself I have to manage importing of goods, Trademe Listings, Trademe orders, accounts, customers, and dispatching of goods. Tradevine is my one stop shop for TOTAL management of my entire business. At a glance I can see our Total sales, profit, and orders to process. What I like is that Tradevine is fully integrated with Xero accounting, no duplication of data is ever needed, it simply creates customer invoices for you.

Tradevine’s support is the best I have come across in 12 years working online, they actually help you with any queries you may have. I am looking forward to the future with Tradevine and for what’s in store in the coming months ahead.

Really, switching to Tradevine is a no brainer – Go Tradevine!”.

To find out how Tradevine and Xero can help your retail business contact us on 0800 990 990 or support@tradevine.co.nz

Tradevine and Craig in a field…

Rising up – One year on…

Today is the first anniversary of the devastating Christchurch earthquake that claimed the lives of 185.

February 22nd 2011 started like any other normal day for us. Our offices were in the old harbourmasters building in Lyttelton. There was nothing out of the ordinary as we worked away, coders coding, BAs BA’ing, testers testing, and bosses drinking coffee.

Then suddenly the earth shook violently. This wasn’t any ordinary aftershock, we had experienced hundreds after the September quake, but this was different, this was massive.

The building moved as it had never before, it heaved under the strain. In the split second as the shaking starts, people catch each others’ eyes, thinking will it stop or do we need to take cover.  The ceiling panels started falling, take cover it is. As people dived under desks, aircon units crashed off the wall, computer monitors literally flew sideways from desks.  We were right at the epicentre, but we didn’t know that yet. Power was out, alarms were ringing all around us, and the air was thick with settlling dust.

As we ran into the street we could see our building, along with what appeared to be every other building in the street was destroyed or severely damaged.  Later, as we struggled over the Port Hills, we looked down on our home city, the collapsed buildings, the streets under water, carnage everywhere.  We knew that things would never be the same.

In the weeks that followed the tenacity, ingenuity, resilience and generosity of the people of New Zealand, and the world shone through.  First with the rescue and now with the extensive recovery.

Our office was gone, but within a week we were writing code again and offers of help poured in from our friends, customers and strangers throughout the land. Thank you New Zealand.

Despite all of the personal issues, like trashed homes, kids losing schools, not having running water, and constant aftershocks (10,000+ and counting) our staff coped magnificently and Tradevine was launched in November, one month behind schedule.

We are the lucky ones, possessions are replaceable. To all those who lost their lives, we grieve for your untimely loss. For all those who were injured, we hope for a speedy mend, and for all in Christchurch whose lives have changed irrevocably in that instant, we stand together with you, as we rebuild our city and lives, together.

Kia Kaha

Crushed car. Our building in the background.

Directly across the road from the office. (note: the road had to be cleared of rubble, by hand, to allow emergency vehicles through)

Photos courtesy of Phil Styler.