Starship – Staff CharityMob

We all have community responsibility such as preserving the environment and supporting community causes.

So we, the staff at Tradevine have got together and raised $500 for Starship Children’s Health. We wanted to help ensure that Starship remains a world class medical facility for all of New Zealand’s children by supporting their current initiatives.

Starship is a fabulous cause so we approached our CEO to see if our company would match our donation. Our company has agreed to not only match our staff contribution but to potentially double it!

Here is where you come in… 

To help us raise another $1000 for Starship simply ‘like’ our facebook page and for every like we get (up to 500) our company has agreed to donate $2.00.

With a simple click below you can help us raise another $1000 for Starship! Spread the word!   

From the Team at Tradevine

Evan, Nigel, Jeff, Alan, Phil1,  Dean, Sandy, Vicky, Chris, Phil2

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