Release Notes – 6 July 2012

Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: 6 July 2012 5:00pm

Listing Description footer

It is now possible to add a generic footer to some or all of your Trade Me listing descriptions.

Each product is configured to use the footer text by default.

Visit the Trade Me Organisation Settings screen to configure your footer text and to turn this feature on for all your Trade Me products. The footer text will only be used if both the product and the organisation setting are on.

If you are importing then you will need to add the Trade Me Is Listing Footer Enabled field to your import file and configure each product with a value of either Yes or No.

Specific Listing End Times

Previously you could only configure your listings to finish at a set 15 minute interval, now you can now specify the exact minute you want your product listings to end.

NB: there is a small bug on Trade Me’s side, where your end times may differ slightly, after updating a current listing. The older the listing, the more the updated time will vary.

Enhanced Fixed Price Offer Options

Previously you could only configure your Fixed Price Offers for percentage based markups or markdowns. Now you can also configure fixed dollar amount markups and markdowns.

You can also configure your products for fixed priced offers by importing from file. The new fields in the Trade Me Settings file are:

  • Trade Me FPO Base Field Plus Value
  • Trade Me FPO Base Field Plus Type

Delete Shipments

You can now delete uncompleted shipments. Deleting a shipment will revert the status of the sales order back to Pending and you will then be required to manually approve the sales order to progress it to Awaiting Shipment.

Up-to-date Tab counts on your List screens

The counters displayed in the heading of your Status Tabs on your List type screens should now update when items are either added or removed from a status tab or a search filter is invoked.

Immediate auto feedback after shipping

Feedback can now be placed immediately and automatically after a shipment has been processed, instead of having to wait at least one day.

To configure this, set the days after shipment field to zero on your Trade Me Organisation Settings screen.

Delete Labels

It is now possible to delete labels. The system will also remove the label from any documents, products, customers or suppliers, which were tagged with the label.

Sales Orders from Shopify purchased with variants

Shopify sales, which were based on products configured with variants, now come through into Tradevine as a sales order based on the variant the buyer purchased. Provided each variant has been setup in Tradevine as a separate product linked to the correct variant. We are working on getting the importer to populate this automatically.

It is also now possible to configure your products in Tradevine to handle products set up in Shopify with variants. We are still working on putting a full on framework in place to handle Shopify variants, so in the interim, please contact our support staff for more insight into how to currently set up for this.

Importing Products changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes:

Fields we have added

  • Is Listing Footer Enabled – (Trade Me)
  • FPO Base Field Plus Value – (Trade Me)
  • FPO Base Field Plus Type – (Trade Me)

For more explicit information refer to the Import Fields Help page.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. The sales inventory reports have been updated to make them more accurate.
  2. Some buttons like the Withdraw listing button, would sometimes not enable in some web browsers.
  3. Labels already assigned to items like a product or a sales order etc, were being removed when applying labels to multiple items at once.
  4. Non-taxable products in Tradevine are now created as non-taxable in Shopify.
  5. Entering HTML formatted text into some fields was causing a page error. Now a validation warning is provided.
  6. Photos were sometimes mismatched when uploading with numeric only product  codes.
  7. It was possible to delete your products from Shopify when importing without including the Is Listed on Shopify column, which previously defaulted No.
  8. Photos downloaded from some external websites would fail with a 403 forbidden error.
  9. The tracking reference when visiting the Pass the Parcel tracking website is case-sensitive, so we have made a change so this now works according for Pass the Parcel.

We are now working on multiple Trade Me accounts.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line at