Release Notes – 31 July 2012

Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: Tues 31 July 2012 5:00pm

Multiple Trade Me accounts

We now cater for multiple Trade Me accounts. Use the Organisation Selling Channels screen to add any additional Trade Me accounts. Also remember to configure your products for the new accounts.

If you are importing for more than one Trade Me account, then you will need to add the Trade Me Account Name field to your import file or specify the Trade Me username account to apply to each row.

New Reminders panel on sales orders

If you have configured your Trade Me Organisation settings for reminder emails, then your Trade Me sales orders will now include a Reminders panel, which is just below the order details.

Depending on your organisation settings, this will display the dates the first and second reminder emails were sent, as well as the date the sales order was tagged with your choice of reminder label.

Decline sending reminder emails to overdue Trade Me buyers

You can now decline sending chaser emails for specific Trade Me sales by editing the sales order.

If you have configured your Trade Me Organisation settings for reminder emails, then the option resides on the sales order in the Reminders panel, which is below the order details.

Trade Me category now defaults to the last one used

When adding products or listing rules, the category will be defaulted to the last category used across any listing rule for that Trade Me account.

Roadstar courier added

Roadstar has been added to the list of couriers to choose from.

Any tracking references on either the shipment or the buyers emails, also link directly to Roadstar’s shipment tracking website so you can view the shipments progress.

Packing Slip and Invoice emails include a list of products

The packing slip and invoice emails now include a list of the products relating to the shipment. This excludes the SHIP product.

Customer phone numbers now retrieved for Trade Me sales

Trade Me now allow us to retrieve the phone number the buyer supplies when they win your listing.

For repeat sales, the latest phone number supplied will always override any existing phone number on the customer.

Decline feedback for blacklisted or low feedback ratings

Fixed Price Offers for Trade Me bidders who lost out on winning your listing, will no longer be made to anyone on your blacklist.

You can also decline making FPOs to anyone whose feedback rating is less than desirable, by configuring the minimum percentage to check for on either your Trade Me organisation or your products.

Maximum character counter on Trade Me listing title and question answers

We have added our character-counter functionality to the listing title (50 chars max.) box as well as the answer field for questions (500 chars max.) to help you avoid exceeding the Trade Me limit for these fields.

Importing Products changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes:

Fields we have added

  • Account Name – (Trade Me)

For more explicit information refer to the Import Fields Help page.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. The Product description was disappearing when creating a listing rule and then wasn’t editable.
  2. Feedback was being sent for cancelled sales orders.
  3. It was not possible to create a new listing for a product after changing the category, when the previous listing category had attributes.
  4. It was sometimes difficult to log in when using a password manager.
  5. Labels were sometimes applied to all products, when only a partial list of products was displayed on the Products List screen.

What’s Next?

We are now working on timed-finishes for listings, enhanced product list views including photo thumbnails and the ability to make manual fixed-price-offers from the listings grid.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions, then check out our suggestions page where you can also vote. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line at with your feedback.