Release Notes – 9 May 2018

Release Date:  Wednesday 9 May 2018  5:00 a.m. : downtime approx 30 mins

New features in this release

Trade Me – multi-variant products

We have made some improvements to your MVL products. You can now:

  • Rename your Options and values.
  • Drag and drop your Option values to re-order them.
  • Drag and drop your photos to re-order them.

Trade Me – Book-a-Courier

Book-a-Courier has been added as a shipping option to your product listing rules. This will allow you to get up-to-date courier rates for a door-to-door courier service. The rates are populated on your listing when it gets created.


We have added the following fields:
Pack List Items: Name, Barcode
Pack List: WarehouseCode
Sales Order: WarehouseCode, Labels

Importing product changes

If you import your products then you may be interested in the following Book-a-Courier changes.


  • Trade Me Courier Is Box
  • Trade Me Courier Bag Size
  • Trade Me Courier Selected Courier
  • Trade Me Courier Service Level
  • Trade Me Courier No Restricted Items