Release Notes – 7 Feb 2018

Release Date:  Wednesday 7 Feb 2018  4:00 a.m. : downtime approx 30 mins

New features in this release

Trade Me – multi-variant products

We have increased the Variants Group Code for MVL products from 20 characters to 80.

Price promotions and clearance settings are now correctly applied to MVL products.

Seller comments on Trade Me listings were incorrectly displaying more than once.

Trade Me – listing rule calculator

The profit calculator on the product listing rule was incorrectly hidden when the shipping template contained just a solitary entry.


Sometimes when importing products the Shopify variant IDs were incorrectly being cleared out.

Occasionally product photos were not making it into Shopify.


ISO country code has been added to the address output.

Importing product changes

There are no changes to importing in this release.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. Product images uploaded from Mobile devices were unexpectedly rotated.