Release Notes – 15 June 2012

Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: 15 June 2012 scheduled for 4:30pm

Auto withdraw Trade Me listings

You can now get the system to automatically withdraw Trade Me listings, when product levels drop too low. You have the option to first withdraw either your active listing(s) or your active Fixed Price Offers. Auto withdraw can also be configured to take your draft or pending purchase orders into consideration.
Check out the Listing and Offer Options panel on your Organisation Selling Channels screen for the options that best suit you.


Trade Me listing rules

We have revamped the way you can configure your products to be listed on Trade Me to give you more control and customisation of each product listing. You can now create multiple listing rules for a product. This means you can customise any of the listing details and individualise the listings for a product. Each listing rule can be activated or deactivated using the Auto-listing setting.

The rules for each product can be prioritised, cloned or deleted.

If you already had multiple listings or categories for a product, then each of these will have been turned into an individual rule. Please review these to ensure they are now consistent with your listing expectations. The ability to sell bulk quantities in Trade Me is coming very soon, so you may want to configure your listing rules with this in mind.

If you re-import your products you will need to add the Rule Name to your import file.


Relist unsold listings

You can now manually relist unsold Trade Me listings.

The Relist button can be found next to recent listings on the Unsold tab.


Pass The Parcel Added

We have added Pass The Parcel into the Shipped With drop-down on your Shipment screen. When you save a tracking number, the system will create a link to their tracking page.

Pass the Parcel is a simple online courier solution for sending your parcels.


Product Description filter

You can now search your Products List by the product Description.


One click importing of your Shopify products

We have added the option to import your Shopify products and photos with just one click. You can do this from the Import Products screen.


Editable Tax Code

Your organisation’s Tax Code is no longer locked down. You can now edit and change an existing tax code. You just can’t blank it out, if you already had a tax code.


Updated Search Filter on the Listings screen

The Listings screen search filter has been extended to allow you to now search by labels, listing category, listing rule and listing description.


Checking your listing fees

When you check your listing fees these will now be specific to your Trade Me account and not just the listing category.


Wider Notes and Product Description panels

We have made the Notes panels on the sales orders wider. As well as widened the Product Description panel. These should also auto-size as you add more text.


Key Bug Fixes

  1. If you imported some active listings, which were configured for buying in multiple quantities, then any sales orders generated from sold listings will now display the purchased quantity.
  2. The Dashboard and Shipments List would sometimes time out.