Release Notes – July 2021 Round-Up

It’s been a while since our last updated posted here, so below is a round-up of the features and fixes we’ve put out since December 2020:

  • Shopify: Added config for Shopify Sales Order notes to be Public and/or Private.
  • Tradevine API: Added new Get, Add/Update and Delete ShippingTemplates endpoints.
  • Tradevine API: Added new Delete TradeMeListingRule endpoint.
  • Sales Orders: Resolved issue with Combined Sales Order candidates.
  • Shipping: Added Sendle to list of available Couriers.
  • Shipping: Corrected DHL’s tracking reference URL.
  • Misc: Corrected issue with large Organization logos.
  • MyProducts: Fixed an issue with Feature Combo on listings created in MyProducts.
  • DVDs: Removed the DVD Catalog and migrated existing DVD’s to regular TradeMeListingRules.
  • Xero: Updated Xero OAuth process to V2.
  • Misc: Bug fixes.