Release Notes – 26 July 2016

Release Date:  Tuesday 26 July 2016  5:00 a.m. : downtime approx 10 mins

New features in this release

New NZ Couriers Freight

We have added NZ Couriers Freight as another courier option.

Xero – Credit Notes

Sales returns for Trade Me Pay Now sales now have pro-rated commission refunds based on the returned quantity.

Tradevine API

The Created and Modified date-time values are now included on the outputs of listing-rule queries. There are now also ModifiedBefore and ModifiedAfter filter options for the bulk listing-rule GET request endpoint. There is also a new opt-in parameter on the bulk product endpoint to include product supplier details on the product outputs. See for more details.

Importing product changes

There are no changes to importing in this release.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. The Inventory Summary report would hit a connection reset error when trying to download very large amounts of data.
  2. Xero manual journals are now queued and sent shortly after the confirmation of a shipment. This prevents users accidentally sending duplicate journal entries.