Release Notes – 3 September 2014

Release Date:  Wednesday 3 September 2014 11:00pm : downtime approx 1 hour

New features in this release

Plan changes

We have removed the restriction on the number of products you can create on each plan. All plans can now have a maximum of 150,000 active products.  Please contact us if your require more.

Photo editor

We have added a photo editor so you can now quickly edit and enhance your product photos.  Actions permitted are crop, rotate and various enhancers.

Re-use photos

It is now possible to re-use previously uploaded photo’s on any product.

Trade Me  – free end times

Listings created through Tradevine with a scheduled end time are now free and are created immediately.

Trade Me – DVD Catalogue

We now support Trade Me’s DVD/BluRay catalogue. This means that you can create products by simply searching for the movie title.  You can still create the listing content manually if that is your preference.

Trade Me – charity donation fees

You can now opt to donate the rounded up portion of the success fee on a product when it sells. The two charities available are Plunket and Kiwis for kiwi. This can be set on a product by product basis or across all products.

Trade Me – send payment instructions

On each product listing rule you can decide if you want Trade Me to send the payment instructions to your buyer when the listing sells. You can also turn this on or off for all products at the global level.

Trade Me – MQL FPO quantities

When making an FPO for a multi-quantity listing we now default the offer quantity to one, regardless of the listing quantity. This makes it possible to make an FPO and relist simultaneously.

Trade Me – FPO import options

A few more FPO options have been added to importing and exporting your products. You can now decide whether you want to send FPOs to unverified members. As well as, whether you want to send FPOs to members who have a low feedback rating (percentage based).

Bigger sales order notes

The sales order notes have been increased to handle up to 4000 characters.

New courier – Australia Post

Australia Post has been added to the available list of couriers.

Shopify – sequencing multi-variant products

You can now control the drop-down sequence of the multi-variant options. The lowest index number will be displayed as the first.

Shopify – products unknown to Tradevine

When we detect that you have any Shopify products that are unknown to Tradevine, we will display a link on the Dashboard. This is to help you identify if Tradevine and Shopify have become unsynchronised.

Shopify – customer phone numbers

The phone number supplied by the buyer is now populated on the customer record in Tradevine.

Passwords & time outs

New or reset passwords will now be required to comply with the following requirements:

  • minimum 8 characters long
  • at least 1 upper case character
  • at least 1 lower case character
  • at least 1 number
  • at least 1 symbol character

You can now configure your session time out to between 3 minutes and 24 hours.

Importing product changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes.


  • DVD Catalogue ID – (Trade Me)
  • Donation Recipient – (Trade Me)
  • Send payment Instructions – (Trade Me)
  • FPO Ignore If Not Address Verified – (Trade Me)
  • FPO Ignore If Feedback Rating Below – (Trade Me)
  • FPO Ignore Feedback Rating Below Percentage – (Trade Me)
  • Variant Sort Order – (Shopify)


  • Payment via Other – (Trade Me)


  • Other Payment Method – (Trade Me)

For more information refer to the Import Fields Help page.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. A page error was encountered if you were able to save a blank session time out value on your profile.
  2. Exporting Shopify products would encounter an error if the label name included an apostrophe.
  3. Emails were sometimes repeatedly sent when confirming shipments directly from the Shipments grid.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions, then check out our suggestions page where you can also vote. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line at with your feedback.