Release Notes – 13 March 2014

Release Date:  Thursday 13 Mar 2014 11:00pm : downtime approx 45 minutes

New features in this release


We have made a number of changes to the way that photos are being handled.

You can now change the sequence that images appear on Trade Me and Shopify by simply dragging them into any order you want.

When uploading a photo with a filename that already exists in Tradevine, you will be prompted whether you want to replace or keep the existing photo.

We have replaced the widget we use to upload photos, so you can now upload using an iOS type device like an iPad.

The Photos screen has been redone and now shows you where your photos are used.

We have added a ‘delete all photos’ button to the product screen.

If you have multiple Trade Me accounts, we now store an identifier that helps tell us which Trade Me watermark to use.

When importing, you can now control which product photos appear on each channel and the sequence by using the new Trade Me and Shopify photo identifier fields on a CSV import.

Shopify multi-variants

We have improved support for Shopify variants.  It is now possible to create and modify variants from within Tradevine.

The multi-variant attributes of Shopify products are now displayed on your product’s Shopify channel. You can now update or create the attribute names and values directly on the product’s Shopify settings.

Shopify Point of Sale orders

We now handle anonymous over the counter type sales, also known as Point of Sale (POS) orders.

When an order comes through from Shopify from an anonymous customer, the sale will be attributed to a default customer called Shopify POS.

Shopify POS is available as an app for your iPad. Shopify charge a monthly fee for the use of the app.

Note: we don’t yet handle POS refunds or custom products.

Shopify barcodes

When you update your Shopify products via Tradevine, the product barcode is now pushed to Shopify.

Channel shipment warehouse

You can now configure your shipments to be processed from a specific warehouse for any of your Trade Me or Shopify channels.  This means that shipments will be created on the defined warehouse regardless of the stock level.

Product notes

The public and private notes on a product have been expanded to 4000 characters.

Import errors

Any errors encountered when importing, are now reported in the first column of the error file.

Importing Product Changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes.

Note, if you import a lot and you currently use the Photo Identifier field, then you should also copy the field values to the new Trade Me and Shopify photo identifier fields, otherwise no photos will be attached to your selling channel.


  • Trade Me Rule Photo Identifiers – (Trade Me).
  • Shopify Photo Identifiers – (Shopify).
  • Option Name1 – (Shopify).
  • Option Value1 – (Shopify).
  • Option Name2 – (Shopify).
  • Option Value2 – (Shopify).
  • Option Name3– (Shopify).
  • Option Value3 – (Shopify).

For more information refer to the Import Fields Help page.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. Pay Now payments from Trade Me sales were not always updated on combined sales orders when the buyer subsequently opted to pay by bank transfer.
  2. DYMO labels were not printing in IE11.
  3. It was possible to exceed the shipment quantities by creating multiple shipments and amending the required quantity.
  4. BoM shipment quantities were incorrectly being validated when the BoM configuration had changed.
  5. It was difficult to re-enable the Shopify or the Trade Me channel after not logging in for a few months.
  6. Sales orders that were partially shipped and then subsequently cancelled were incorrectly handled in Xero.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions, then check out our suggestions page where you can also vote. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line at with your feedback.