October Newsletter

Welcome to the first Tradevine newsletter. We’ll be sending these every 4 weeks or so to keep you updated with what we are up to and give some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Tradevine.


  • Customer Survey – Win Trade Me Credit
  • System Performance
  • Interesting Stats

Customer Survey – Win Trade Me Credit

We love feedback. Fill out our survey to have your say and enter to the draw to win a $50 credit to your Trade Me account. It’s easy and will only take a couple of m

inutes. Click here to complete the survey.

System Performance

Have you noticed how zippy Tradevine has been recently? We listened to your feedback and sent the team ‘under the hood’ to tinker. The result was a beefing up of the servers and a bunch of software tweaks that saw Tradevine running up to 40 times faster.

Interesting Stats

In the two years since our first beta user….

More than 17 million Trade Me listings made
Over $30 million of product shipped
More than 400k sales orders created
$83,000 highest value item sold

That’s about it for our first newsletter. Just before we go here are a couple of useful links:

  • Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute info
  • Our online help section pretty is comprehensive – if you get stuck start here
  • Post ideas on how we can make Tradevine even more awesome

Thanks for taking the time to read, see you next month.


The Tradevine team at Trade Me