Release Notes – 12 September 2013

Release Date:   Thursday 12 Sept 2013 10:00pm

Implemented in this release


Multi warehousing has been added to the Professional, Enterprise and Trial plans. You can now add as many warehouses as you like. These can be of type:

  • Own – warehouses where you own the stock and you do the shipping.
  • 3PL – warehouses where you own the stock but a third party logistics partner does the shipping.
  • Supplier – inventory held by a supplier.

You can control the shipping and stock status of each warehouse, as well as transfer stock between warehouses. You can also amend the warehouse assigned to a shipment, after we have auto assigned the shipments to the warehouses that have stock. Tradevine users can also now email each 3PL warehouse with a pick-list of shipments ready to pack and 3PL warehouse staff also now have a dedicated cut down Fast Shipping screen for confirming the shipments (with their tracking details) directly on your behalf.

Direct delivery and auto restock are due in a future release.

Zebra label printer

You can now print shipment and product labels using a Zebra printer.

Courier changes

Courier Xpress and goSweetSpot have been added to the list of couriers.
Post Haste has now been split out to cater for prepaid or account.

Customer phone added to shipments

The customer’s phone number has been added to the shipment screen.

Editing completed sales orders

It is now possible to edit both the customer Reference and the Paid checkbox for completed post-pay sales orders.

Detailed Inventory report

The inventory adjustment Reference field has been added to the Detailed Inventory report.

Export product changes

As inventory is now tracked at the warehouse level (i.e. one product can have stock in multiple warehouses), a separate inventory export file has been added on the Product Information list screen. The Quantity in Stock field has likewise been removed from the top level Product Information export.

Importing product changes

If you import or re-import your products then you may be interested in the following changes.


  • Warehouse Code – (Inventory).


  • Quantity in Stock to Warehouse Stock – (Inventory).

For more information refer to the Import Fields Help page.

Key Bug Fixes

  1. Shopify orders were incorrectly defaulting to a Completed with Cancellations status.
  2. The inventory levels in Shopify were sometimes double decrementing when shipments were processed.
  3. A behind the scenes error was occurring when pushing either a global comment or an advert to Trade Me for a classified listing.
  4. A Xero totals mismatch error was encountered when deleting the SHIP product from a sales return.
  5. We no longer compress images of any type that are below 1280 pixels wide or tall. For images greater than this we have improved how we compress large images without noticeably compromising the quality of the image.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions, then check out our suggestions page where you can also vote. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line at with your feedback.