Release Notes – 21 May 2012

Recent Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: 21 May 2012

Trade Me Import

You can import products, photos and active listings all at once with a single button-click. It can also be re-run at any time and will either create new products based on any new listings that the system discovers or it will link the new listings to your existing products.


Next and Previous Buttons

We have added Next and Previous buttons on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Products. This means you can navigate around these items without having to return to the list screen.  If filter or sort criteria have been defined then these will be honoured.


Ability to Add Shipping Notes Before and After Shipping Confirmed

It is now possible to add shipping notes before shipment and also modify them after a shipment has been confirmed.


Login Screen

We have changed the main login screen so that the username and password can be remembered if your browser supports this feature and it is enabled.


Allow an Extra Tracking Number on Shipments

You can now capture and track your additional rural delivery delivery tracking numbers on the Shipments screen .


Shipping Label

You can add the customer phone number to the Shipping label.  You can change the format of your shipping labels by following the instructions here.


Add Sell Price to Fixed Price Offer Options

The product Selling Price has been added as an option to choose when selecting the price on which to base your Fixed Priced Offers.


McDowall Freight Added

We have added McDowall Freight courier into the Shipped With list. When you save a tracking number, the system will create the link to their tracking page.


Customer Emails

We have modified emails sent to the customer to better display your company’s logo.


Grid Bulk Actions

We have redesigned the way we display the bulk actions for items in our lists/grids. This should make them easier to discover.


Key Bug Fixes

  1. Sales Order Report – Fixed the ‘Balance to Ship’ field
  2. Increased the length of Product Name in the Shopify Settings.
  3. Gross Margin calculation fixed on Sales Order screen
  4. Performance bug on the dashboard
  5. Stocktake PDF fixed for large documents.

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We are planning to release further improvements on a regular basis. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to drop us a line at