Public Beta Release Candidate

Recent Changes to Tradevine

Release Date: 14 November 2011

Retrieve Active Trade Me Products

Create products in Tradevine from your existing Trade Me listings

Link Active Listings to Products

Link current listings to products in Tradevine.

Improvements to the Import/Export/Import Photos functions

Including improving the import product method for creating/updating multiple categories for products

Ability to Ignore Trade Me Questions

If you ignore a question, it will pop into the ‘All’ tab on the Questions screen instead of remaining in the ‘Unanswered ’ tab. You can still go and answer this question if you want to, at a later stage.

Withdraw Listings

The ability to withdraw listings is now available.

Small Changes

  • A new dialog requiring user confirmation before an order is cancelled
  • Order Lines notes are now appearing on the pick lists
  • Auto print of Pick Lists now ordered by customer to assist order consolidation
  • Trade Me Shipping option selected by customer now appearing in the lines notes field
  • Courier and tracking references appear in the Invoice email text
  • Questions answered in Trade Me appear in the ‘All’ tab
  • Universal search, now searches by Listing ID and Listing title

All of these improvements are based on customer feedback. We still have lots of work to do and are planning to release further improvements every fortnight or so. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that we’re working on the most important things first.